October 31, 2011

Bargain Sale November 4th & 5th

If you live in Wilmington, NC or surrounding areas, be sure to catch the Junior League of Wilmington's annual Bargain Sale on Saturday, November 5th from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.  An admission of only $3 gives you access to new and gently used adult clothing, children’s items, furniture, household goods, books, electronics, and more.  My favorite part is the “Unique Boutique” which features donations from local businesses, including Beanie and Cecil, Lula Balou, Fisherman’s Wife, Aqua Fedora, Uppity Lou's, Gentlemen’s Corner, The Plant Place, Redix, Transplanted Garden, Shops at Seagate, and many more.  Not only will you find great bargains at the sale but you will also be giving back to the community.  All proceeds from the Bargain Sale go directly to Junior League projects and affiliation with Sunset Park Elementary and the Blue Ribbon Commission’s Youth Enrichment Zone to help create a positive change in the lives of Wilmington’s children and families.  I don't know how a day of shopping could feel anymore rewarding!
Looking for something to do Friday night?  Get first dibs on the deals at the Sip & Shop Bargain Sale preview November 4th from 6:30-8:30 pm.  $6 admission lets you be the first in the door to peruse the sale.  If that's not enticing enough, while you shop you will be able to enjoy live music by Sai Collins, delicious food from local restaurants, and a cash bar with drinks from local wineries and specialty stores.  Although items on Friday night are double the marked price and children’s items are not for sale until Saturday morning, a ticket to the “Sip and Shop” gains you free access into the Bargain Sale on Saturday.  It should be a great way to fill your weekend.  I'll be there Friday night and Saturday morning...I hope to see you there!

October 29, 2011

Lowes Foods Weekly Menu Oct 30 - Nov 5

The subtotal this week is right at $48.  Happy Halloween!

Weekly Menu
Sunday: Garlic Shrimp Wrap with Edamame
Monday: French Dip with Oven Parmesan Fries
Tuesday: Mexican Lasagna
Wednesday: Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peppers & Mashed Potatoes
Thursday: Shrimp & Vegetable Stir Fry
Friday: Baked Chicken & Rice with Black Beans
Saturday: Shredded Beef & Brie Quesadillas with Sauteed Green Beans & Pears

Shopping List
Weekly Menu Items
(Su) Green cabbage ~ $.47 each
(Su) Fresh parsley - $.99 each
(T,Sa) Fresh cilantro - $.99 each
(T) Green onions - $.79 each
(Su) Wholly Guacamole - $1.99
     -$1 off print or print (facebook) = $.99 each
(M,W) 5 lb bag russet potatoes - $2.49 each
(Sa) 1 pear ~ $.42 each
(W,F) 1 red bell pepper - $2 each
(W,Th) 1 yellow bell pepper - $2 each
(W) 1 shallot - $.25 each
(Su,Th) 1 lb large shrimp, peeled and deveined - $5.99/lb
(T,W,F) Perdue 3 lb bag boneless, skinless chicken breasts - $6.50 each
(Su,T,Sa) Chi Chi’s whole wheat tortillas - $1.79 each
(M,Sa) 1 London broil - $5.98 ($2.99/lb)
(M) Rosemary olive oil round bread - $2.99 each
(Sa) ¼ lb Brie cheese - $3.75 each
(F) Zatarain’s yellow rice - $1 each
(F) 1 (15-oz.) can black beans - $.79 each
(F) 1 (10-oz.) can diced tomatoes and green chiles - $.88 each
(T,F) Reduced fat shredded Sargento cheese - $2.50 each
(Th) 1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Brown & Wild Rice, Corn, Carrots, & Peas - $1.25 ea
(Sa) 1 package Birds Eye Steamfresh cut green beans - $1.25 each
     -.50/1 Steamfresh Chef’s favorites print or SS 9/25
     -$1/2 Birds Eye product print (facebook-complete task to print)
     =$.25-$.75 each
(Su) 1 bag Pictsweet steamable edamame - $1 each
(T) Fat-free sour cream - $.99 each
(T) Low-fat cream cheese - $1.89 each

Pantry/Fridge/Stock Up
Cooking spray
Olive oil
(M,Th,Sa) Soy sauce
(M,Sa) 1 beef bouillon cube
(M,Sa) 1 bay leaf
(M,W,Sa) Dried rosemary
(M,Sa) Dried thyme
(M,W,Sa) Garlic powder
(M,W) Dried oregano
(M) Old Bay Seasoning
(M) Grated Parmesan cheese
(Sa) Barbecue sauce
(W) Fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth
(W,Sa) Balsamic vinegar
(Sa) Butter or margarine
(Sa) Brown sugar
(Th,F) 1 onion – $2/3 lb bag
(T) Mild chunky salsa – need it: Herdez - $1.99 each
(T,W) Fat-free or low-fat milk
(T) 1 egg

October 28, 2011

Bi-Lo Weekly Menu Oct 30 - Nov 5

I'm loving the change of seasons and all of the new delicious recipes Fall brings!  The Apple-Pear Salad with Maple-Pecan Bacon & Cranberry Vinaigrette from Southern Living incorporates amazing fall flavors and was quickly placed on the must-try list.  In the words of Rachel Ray...yum-o!!  Bi-Lo has a great variety of meats on sale this week with their Pick 5 for $19.99 deal.  Use my suggestions for stock up on the shopping list or pick the meats you enjoy most.  Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Weekly Menu
Sunday: Apple-Pear Salad with Maple-Pecan Bacon & Cranberry Vinaigrette
Monday: Santa Fe Soup with Tortilla Chips
Tuesday: Pork Chops with Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes
Wednesday: Baked Chicken with Rice & Black Beans
Thursday: Turkey & Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups
Friday: Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup with Tortilla Chips
Saturday: Wilted Spinach Salad with Chicken & Mandarin Oranges

Shopping List
Weekly Menu Items
(Su) 1 large Bartlett pear - $1.49/lb
(Su) 1 large Gala apple -$1.49/lb
(M,Sa) 1 red onion
(W,Th) 1 yellow onion - $1.29/lb
(Su) 1 orange
(T) 2 medium sweet potatoes - $.79/lb
(Su,Sa) 1 package Fresh Express baby spinach - $2.50 each
(F) 1 can condensed reduced-fat, reduced-sodium cream of chicken soup
(F) 1 can enchilada sauce
(M) 1 package dry ranch dip mix
(M) 1 package lower sodium taco seasoning
(M,W,F) 3 cans Southern Home black beans - $.65 each
(M) 1 can whole kernel corn
(M) 1 can Southern Home diced tomatoes - $.67 each
(W) 1 can Southern Home diced tomatoes and green chiles - $.67 each
(Su) 1 can whole-berry cranberry sauce
(Sa) 1 small can mandarin orange sections
(Su,T,Sa) Chopped pecans
(W) 1 package Zatarain’s yellow rice mix - $.99 with Bi-Lo eCoupon
     -.50/2 print
Pick 5 for $19.99 Deal:
     (W,F) John Soules Fajita or Grilled Chicken Strips - $3.99 each
     (T) Smithfield Boneless Pork Chops - $3.99 each
     (Stock Up) Shady Brook Farms 99% Lean Ground Turkey Breast - $3.99 each
     (Stock Up) Smithfield Peppercorn Pork Sirloin - $3.99 each
     (Stock Up) Southern Home Whiting Fillets - $3.99 each
(Sa) 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts – $2.99/lb
(F) Snyders White Corn tortilla chips
(F) Fat-free or reduced-fat milk
(W,F) Borden Shredded reduced-fat cheddar or Mexican blend cheese - $2.28 each
(Su) Crumbled blue cheese
(Th) Fat-free cottage cheese
(Th) 1 box (10 oz) frozen cut spinach

Pantry/Fridge/Stock Up
(M,Th) 1 package ground turkey
(Su) Balsamic vinegar
(Su) Light brown sugar
(Su) Grated ginger
(Su) 2 turkey bacon slices
(Su,T) Maple syrup
(T) Dried rosemary
(T) Cinnamon
(T) Paprika
(Th) 6 oz pasta sauce or marinara sauce
     -need it: Southern Home pasta sauce - $1.25 each
(Th) Grated Parmesan cheese
(Th) 6 lasagna noodles
(Th) Italian seasoning
(Sa) Red wine vinegar

Other Deals
Clear Value Spices - $.99 each
Emerald Nuts - $3.50 each
Southern Home Whole Wheat or Whole Grain Pasta - $1.25 each
Stacy's Pita Chips - $3 each
Red Seedless Grapes - $1.49/lb

See the full list of deals at Southern Savers.

This menu is linked at Organizing Junkie.

Harris Teeter Weekly Menu Oct 30 - Nov 5

I started planning this menu last week and didn't realize until putting the post together that I had included Santa Fe Soup.  The first Halloween my husband and I spent together I brought this meal to his house and we handed out candy to trick-or-treaters...all five of them.  After remembering this, it was a given that I had to make Sante Fe Soup Monday's meal!  I hope you, your family and/or friends have a Happy Halloween and make your own new memories...possibly with this recipe that is very special to us.  The subtotal this week is right under $50. 

Weekly Menu
Sunday: Barbecue Chicken Roll-ups with Broccolini
Monday: Santa Fe Soup
Tuesday: Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto & Feta Cheese
Wednesday: Mexican Lasagna
Thursday: Black Bean Burgers with Butternut Squash Fries
Friday: Chicken Enchilada Soup
Saturday: Butternut Squash & Bacon Pasta
Shopping List
Weekly Menu Items
(T) Basil leaves - $2.19 each
(Th,Sa) 1 butternut squash ~$2.50 each ($.99/lb)
(Su) Harris Teeter shredded lettuce - $1.50 each
(Su)  1 red pepper - $2.50 each
(Su,M,Th) 2 onions ~$.60
(Su) 1 bunch broccolini - $2.50 each
(Sa) 1 large shallot - $.50 each
(T) 6 sun-dried tomatoes (Fresh Foods antipasto bar) ~ $2
(W) Cilantro - $1.79 each
(W) Green onions - $.79 each
(Sa) 4 slices Provolone cheese (from deli) ~ $1
(Su,W) 1 rotisserie chicken - $4.99 each (on Sunday)
     *Buy it later in the evening and get $2 more off!
(M) 1 lb lean ground beef - $2.99/lb
(T) Harris Teeter crumbled feta cheese - $2.49 each
(Th) Harris Teeter hamburger buns - $.99 each
(M) 1 package dry ranch dip mix - $1.79 each
(M) 1 can Harris Teeter diced tomatoes - $.75 each
(F) 1 can enchilada sauce
     -Old El Paso - $1.89 -.50/1 SS 9/18 = $.89 each
     -Harris Teeter - $.99 each
(W) Harris Teeter mild chunky salsa - $1.97 each
      -Ortega mild chunky salsa - $2 each
      -Ortega 40% less sodium taco seasoning - $.99 each
      -$1/2 Ortega products print
      = $1.99 for both
(M,F) Snyders white corn tortilla chips - $2.50 each
(W,F,Sa) Fat-free or low-fat milk - $1.50 each (32 oz)
(W) Harris Teeter fat-free sour cream - $1.50 each
(W) Light cream cheese - $1.89 each

Pantry/Fridge/Stock up
Cooking spray
Olive oil
(Su,W) Tortillas
(Su) Barbecue sauce
(W,F) Reduced-fat shredded cheddar or Mexican blend cheese
     -need it: Kraft - $1.99 each
(M) 1 package lower sodium taco seasoning
(M,Th,F) 3 cans black beans
(M) 1 can whole kernel corn
(T) Almonds
(T,Sa) Parmesan cheese
     -need it: Harris Teeter - $2.47 each
(T) 1 package linguine, fettucine, or spaghetti pasta
(Th) Canola oil
(Th) Cajun seasoning
(Th) Beadcrumbs
(F) 1 package southwestern flavored chicken strips
(F) 1 can condensed reduced-fat, reduced-sodium cream of chicken soup
(Sa) 1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary
(Sa) 2 slices of turkey bacon
(Sa) 4 ounces mini penne
(Sa) All-purpose flour
(W,Th) 2 eggs or egg substitute

Stock Up
Harris Teeter Apple Cider - $3 each
Charleston Crab Cakes – 2/$6

Other Deals
Holiday Party Stock Up 
Washington State Apples - $.99/lb
Emerald Nuts - B2G3 = $2.99 each 
Laughing Cow Cheese - $1.99 each
Monari Federonzi Balsamic Vinegar - $1.99 each
Heb Ox Sodium Free Bouillon Cubes - $1.50 each
Harris Teeter Fruit Snacks - $1 each
Earthly Choice Quinoa - $4.59 each
Harris Teeter Nonfat Strawberry Yogurt - $.45 each
Harris Teeter Almond Milk - $2.50 each

For all the deals at Harris Teeter, check out Southern Savers.

October 27, 2011

Holiday Party Stock Up Oct 26 - Nov 1

With Halloween right around the corner, hopefully this list will help you prepare for any upcoming parties.  Check out the Bean Dip and Candy Corn/Peanut snack recipes from the sale items.  Both would be healthier items to snack on while handing out candy, tailgating, or cheering on your favorite team in front of the television.

Harris Teeter
Betty Crocker Easy Flow White Icing - $2.49 each
Pillsbury Brownie or Cake Mix - $.99 each
Pillsbury Flour - $2 each
Fresh Foods Market Brie - $3.75 each
Keebler Townhouse Crackers - $1.94 each
     -$1/2 print = $1.44 each
Keebler Wheatables - $2.50 each
     -$1/2 print = $2 each
EZ Peel White Shrimp - B2G3 = $5.59 each
Wholly Guacamole - $2.50 each
     -$1 print = $1.50 each
Pretzel Crisps - $3.99 each
Fresh Foods Market Hummus - $2.79 each
H.T. Traders SoCrisp Pita Chips - $2.99 each
Harris Teeter Yeast Rolls - $1.49 each
Fall/Halloween Paper Partygoods - $2 each
Pepsi Products 12 pack cans - B2G3 = $2.40 each
Pepsi Products 2 L = $1.26 each

Sale Item Recipe: Bean Dip - $9.78
HT canned tomatoes - $.75 each
HT refried beans - $.67 each
HT sour cream - $1.50 each
HT sliced olives - $.87 each
HT shredded lettuce - $1.50 each
Kraft 2% shredded Colby and Monterey Jack - $1.99 each
Snyders White Corn tortilla chips - $2.50 each
Ground cumin
Chili powder
Garlic powder

Halloween Cupcakes 6 ct - $2.99 each
Halloween Cookies 18 ct - $3 each
Blue Moon or Stella Artois 12 ct - $12.99 each
Cutler Creek Wine - 3 for $10
Michelob Ultra 18 ct - $13.99 each
Southern Home Whipped Topping - $1 each
Brach's Candy 11 oz - $1 each
     -.50/1 SS 9/18 = FREE
Carolina Pride Cocktail Smokies - $2.64 each
     -.50/1 SS 9/11 or 10/9 = $1.64 each
Emerald Nuts - $3.49 each
Tribe Hummus - $1.49 each
     -$2/2 SS 10/2 = $.49 each
Hefty Easy Grip Party Cups 20 ct - $1.09 each
Southern Home Foam Plates 50 ct - $1.24 each

Lowes Foods
Red Delicious Apples 5 lb bag - $3.48 each
Rosemary Olive Oil Bread Round - $2.99 each
Bud, Miller, or Coors 18 ct - $11.99 each
Pepsi Products - 4 for $4.44
World Classics Sparkling Apple Cider - $2.79 each
Litehouse Caramel Apple Dip - $2.99 each
Brach's candy corn - $.98 each
     -.50/1 SS 9/18 = FREE

Sale Item Recipe - Candy Corn & Peanuts - $2.50 - $3.48
1 bag Brach's candy corn - FREE - $.98
1 jar Lowes Foods dry roasted, lightly salted peanuts - $2.50 each
Mix together peanuts and candy corn in a large ziploc bag.  My favorite ratio is 3 peanuts to 1 candy corn :)

October 25, 2011

Holiday Deals: HandPicked Giveaway

As a former resident of Charlotte, NC, one of my favorite southern stores is HandPicked, Inc.  Not only do they have an amazing selection of jewelry and accessories but the prices are outstanding!  HandPicked is one of my top choices to buy unique gifts that you can’t find anywhere else.  Unfortunately, I no longer live near a store.  However, they have a fabulous website that is fully functional for purchasing.  One of the reasons I love HandPicked for holiday shopping is their 12 weeks until Christmas promotion.  Each week a different discount or reduced item is offered right until the big day.  Subscribe to their mailing list and you will be alerted when the sales hit.  These deals are so hot you’ll want to be the first to know!

HandPicked is graciously giving away a $50 gift card to a lucky Coupon Kitchen reader!  

To Enter:
1) Mandatory: Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite item is from HandPicked.

Additional Entries: In your comment, let me know which of the following you completed:
2) "Like" Coupon Kitchen on facebook
3) "Like" HandPicked on facebook

This giveaway will end November 4th.  Good luck!

And FYI for friends, family, Santa: I’m digging these feather earrings...just sayin’ ;)

$12 for 2 Fandago Tickets & 2 Pashminas!

This morning I was excited to see the BradsDeals kgb promotion of $12 for 2 Fandango tickets.  When you enter the coupon code BRADSOCT10, you receive a credit of $10 towards your next purchase.  With this credit, you can turn around and purchase more of their great deals.  Here is my deal below:

1) Go here for the $12 for 2 Fandango Tickets kgb deal.
2) At checkout, enter BRADSOCT10 for the $10 credit.
3) Click here for the Scarf World USA $14 for 2 pashminda wraps voucher.

If you're new to kgb deals, you'll receive $5 for signing up.  Therefore, total price out of pocket for 2 Fandango tickets and 2 pashmina wraps is $12!!!

October 24, 2011

Hazelwood Soap Co Giveaway Winner

And the winner is...

Joanne Baldwin

Congratulations, Joanne! I hope you enjoy sharing your Holiday Magic Box!  I'll be in touch via facebook for more information from you :)

If you didn't win, there's still plenty of time to order your own Holiday Magic Box for $12.  Visit Hazelwood Soap Co to place your order by the end of October.  In November the price increases to $15.  Thank you to everyone who participated!


New Saving Star Coupons


There are great new coupons now available on Saving Star.  If you aren't familiar with SavingStar's eCoupons, read below and click here to get signed up!  

Buy 2 Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads, Save $1.00.
Buy 1 Smart Balance Omega® Cooking Oil or Spray, Save 75¢.
Buy 1 Smart Balance® Rich Roast Peanut Butters, Save 75¢.
Buy 2 Quaker® Instant Oatmeal, Quaker® Quick or Old Fashioned Oats, Save $1.00.
Buy 2 Ken's Salad Dressings (16 oz only), Save $1.00.
Buy 2 Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce, Save $1.00.

Saving Star is completely paperless. There's nothing to clip or print since they are 100% digital! They work at over 100 chains in 24,000 stores nationwide.

Here's how it works:
1. Select the eCoupons you like on the website or mobile app, and they are automatically linked to your store card.
2. Use your card when you checkout and the money is added to your SavingStar account. The savings don't change your bill at the register and the savings are not printed on the receipt. Instead, they get deposited into your account within 7-30 days depending upon where you shop.
3. Once your SavingStar account reaches $5 in savings, you can pick your payout from a bank account deposit, a PayPal account deposit, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to charity. More options to come!

October 22, 2011

Lowes Foods Weekly Menu Oct 23 -29

The subtotal this week is right at $50.

Weekly Menu

Shopping List
Weekly Menu Items
(Sa) 2 Roma tomatoes ~$.80
(Th) 1 Bartlett pear ~$.62 each
(Th,Sa) Arugula - $1.99/bunch
(W) ½ lb broccoli crowns - $1.99/lb
(W,Sa) 1 lemon - $.59 each
(Su) 1 Rome apple - $1.29/lb
(Su,T) Fresh parsley - $.99 each
(M,F) Baby gourmet white potatoes - $2.99/3 lb bag
(M,Th) 1 small flank steak - $8.79/lb
(T,Sa) 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts - $1.77/lb
(W) 1 pack fresh Maryland Crab Cakes - $5.99 each
(F) 1 pack boneless pork chops - $4.99 each
(F) 1 jar Mt. Olive roasted red peppers - $2.49 each
(T) Alouette Garlic & Herb cheese - $4.99 each
(T) Blue Diamond almonds - $1.99 each
     -$1/2 SS 10/16 = $1.49 each
(Th) 1 Lowes Foods pizza crust - $1.50 each
(Su) 1 package Celentano ravioli - $2.49 each
(T) 1 bag Full Circle frozen green beans - $1.69 each

Pantry/Fridge/Stock Up
Olive oil
(W) Butter or margarine
(M) Chipotle or regular chili powder
(M,F) Paprika
(T) Toothpicks
(T,Sa) Dijon mustard
(M,F) Dried thyme
(Sa) White wine vinegar
(Sa) Dried herbes de Provence
(Th) White balsamic vinegar
(Su,F) Walnuts
(Th) Crumbled blue cheese

Bi-Lo Weekly Menu October 23-29

The menu this week takes full advantage of the awesome fall squash prices.  Enjoy!

Weekly Menu
Saturday: Squash Spaghetti

Shopping List
Weekly Menu Items
(Th,F) Walnuts
(T,Th) 1 butternut squash - $.69/lb
(Th) 1 lemon
(Sa) 1 small spaghetti squash - $.69/lb
(Sa) 1 zucchini
(M,F) 1 lb asparagus - $1.99/lb
(Su) 1 small green pepper
(Su,M,T,Th) 2 onions
(Su,W) Get the following for $9.99:
      -Rotisserie chicken
      -Potato salad
      -King Hawaiin Rolls, 4 count
(M) 1 pack of tuna kabobs - $3.33 each
(T) 1 can tomato paste
(T) 1 can black beans
(F) 1 jar roasted red pepper
(Sa,W) Prego spaghetti sauce - $1.49 with Bi-Lo eCoupon
(W) 1 package lasagna noodles
(Su) Tortillas
(Th) Arborio rice
(Th) Turkey bacon
(Th) White wine 

Pantry/Fridge/Stock Up
Olive oil -need it: Pompeian, 16 oz - $3.23 with coupon (print
                           Botticelli, 33. oz - $5.49 each
Cooking spray
(Th) Dried thyme
(W,Th) Parmesan cheese
(Th) Fat-free, lower sodium chicken broth
(Sa) Garlic powder
(Sa) Dried basil leaves
(Th) Butter or margarine
(Th) Brown sugar
(M) Reduced-sodium soy sauce
(M) Sesame seeds
(T) ½ package ground turkey
(T) Chili powder
(T) Ground cumin
(T) 6 oz beer, ¾ cup beef broth, or ¾ cup water
(F) 2 pork chops
(F) Paprika
(W) 1 egg white
     -need it: Born Free - $1.39/dozen
     -.35/1 RP 9/18 = $.69 each
(W)  Italian seasoning
(W) Crushed red pepper
(W) 2% or reduced fat mozzarella cheese
(Su) Barbecue sauce

October 21, 2011

Harris Teeter Weekly Menu October 23-29

I'm in NYC for a girls weekend and appropriately enough, I have a taxi cab confession.  Last week I walked into Harris Teeter to find almost all of their canned beans on sale for .50 each!  I try not to be a crazy coupon lady but I do have to admit that I cleared the store shelf of the last black beans (gasp!).  In my defense, there were only 5 cans left and hey, that's what rain checks are for, right? No fear if you missed out though because the amazing bean sale continues.  We will be taking advantage of this sale this week and next so clear some space in your pantry and/or cabinets. Also, if it wasn't already obvious by my menus, I'm loving the great sales on fall squash in most of the grocery store!  Don't forget to grab the Blue Diamond Almond deal as well.  

The subtotal for this week's menu is $56.  It's a little higher than usual but I consider it a deal for indulging in risotto and scallops.  Enjoy!

Weekly Menu

Shopping List
Weekly Menu Items
(Th) 1 Gala apple ~$1.43 each
(Th,F) Fresh parsley - $1.89 each
(F) ½ lb fresh green beans - $.90 ($1.79/lb)
(T) 1 spaghetti squash ~$2.97 each (.99/lb)
(Sa) 1 lemon - $.69 each
(Su,M) Earthbound Farm Organic Baby Spinach - $3 each
(Su,M,W,Sa) 2 onions ~ $.60
(W) 2 zucchinis ~$1.20 ($1.89/lb)
(M,Sa) 1 butternut squash ~ $2.50 each (.99/lb)
(Th) Harris Teeter spinach and cheese ravioli - $4.49 each
(Su) 1 loaf Filone bread - $1.69 each
(Su) 1/2 lb sea scallops - $4.49 ($8.99/lb)
(W,F) 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts ~$4 ($1.99/lb)
(M) 1 pack split chicken breasts - $3.50 each ($1/lb)
(F) Laughing Cow Cheese Spreadable Garlic & Herb Light - $1.99 each
(Su,Sa) Ernest & Julio Gallo Chardonnay - $4.99 each
(Su,M,W) 3 cans cannellini beans - $1.50
(Sa) H.T. Traders Arborio rice - $4.49 each
(W) 1 can Ortega diced green chiles – $1.59 each
(Th,Sa) 2.5 oz bag walnuts - $1 each
(W) Harris Teeter 2% Mexican blend cheese - $2.65 each
(M,Sa) Butterball Turkey bacon - $3.49 each
     -.65/1 SS 10/9 = $2.19 each
(F) Blue diamond almonds - $1.94 each

Pantry/Fridge/Stock Up
Olive oil
Cooking spray
2 bulbs of garlic
(Th,Sa) Grated Parmesan cheese
(Su,T) Dried basil
(Su) Crushed red pepper
(Su,M,W,Sa) Fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth
(W) Dried oregano
(W) Ground cumin
(W) Ground red pepper (cayenne)
(M) Nutmeg
(F) Toothpicks
(T,F) Dijon mustard
(Sa) Butter or margarine
(Sa) Brown sugar
(Sa) Dried thyme
(T) Garlic powder
(T) Garden Style spaghetti sauce 
Stock Up List
3 cans black beans - $.50 each
1 can Del Monte corn - Buy 2, Get 3 free = $.56 each
Mission Ready to Cook Tortillas - B1G1
1 can Campbell’s Healthy Request Cream of Chicken Soup - $1 each
     -.40/1 RP 9/11 = $.20 each
1 package Perdue Shortcuts Southwest flavor - $3.50 each
     -.75/1 RP 10/16 = $2 each

Other Deals
Strawberries - $1.89 each
Raspberries - $1.49 each
Red, Green, or Black Seedless Grapes - $2.79/lb
Fresh Foods Market Refrigerated Soups - $2.49 each
Fresh Foods Market Hummus - $2.97 each
Thomas English Muffins - $1.94 each
Lender's Bagels - $.99 each
Del Monte Corn or Green Beans - $1.39 each
    -B2G3 = $.56 each 
Chobani Greek Yogurt - $1 each
Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Tuna - $1.89 each
     -B2G3 = $.76 each
Yoplait Original or Light Yogurt - $.60 each
     -.50/8 print = $.48 each
Monari Federzoni Balsamic Vinegar - $1.99 each
Old Spice Deodorant - $2.49 each
     -$1 off PG 10/2 and -$1 off eVIC coupon = $.49 each
Venus Spa Breeze Razor - $9.99 each
     -$2 off PG 10/16 and -$1 off eVIC coupon = $5.99 each
Gillette Deodorant - $3.49 each
     -$2 off PG 10/2 and -$2 off eVIC coupon = FREE

This menu is linked at Organizing Junkie.

October 20, 2011

Holiday Party Stock Up October 19 - 25

Here are the best deals on party items this week.

Harris Teeter
Solo Bare Paper Plates, 22 count - $1.74 each
Solo Bare Paper Plates, 10 count - $1.89 each
H.T. Traders Cheese Straws - $2.99 each
Nestle Pure Life Water, 24 pack - $3 each
     -$1/2 print = $2.50 each
Tonic Water - $.67 each

Save 10 cents per gallon with the purchase of 5 participating items:
Southern Home Designer Plates or Cups - $2.50 each
Southern Home Party Cups - $1.25 each
Southern Home Plastic Utensils - $1.50 each
Southern Home Napkins - $2.99 each 

October 19, 2011

Blue Diamond Almond Deal at Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is running a promotion through 11/27 where you earn cash off your next purchase (coupon will print at checkout) for buying Blue Diamond Almond products.  Match that with the sale this week and you have an amazing deal on almonds!! Check out the scenario below:

Blue Diamond Almond Mega Event:
Buy 2: Get $.75 off next purchase
Buy 3: Get $1.50 off next purchase
Buy 4: Get $4.00 off next purchase!!

Buy 4, 6 oz cans Roasted & Salted Almonds or Smokehouse Almonds - $1.94 each
Use -$1/2 Blue Diamond canned almonds SS 10/16
Get $4 back on next purchase
Total price = $2.76 or $.69 each!!!

October 17, 2011

Holiday Deals: Hazelwood Soap Co Giveaway

I grew up in Waynesville, NC and am proud to boast that it is the home of Hazelwood Soap Company, a family owned business that specializes in artisanal bath, body and home products.  Using only the finest natural ingredients and essential oils, it’s no surprise they were featured as a part of the 31st Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards Swag Bags.  This is a must stop shop if you’re visiting the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. 

Hazelwood Soap Co is running an amazing promotion on their Holiday Magic Box.  It includes a shea butter lip balm (my favorite), a soy wax candle, and a travel size versatile wash.  Being a planner, I love the deal scenario:
Oct 1-31: Boxes are $12 each
Nov 1- 30: Boxes are $15 each

Hurry and place your order in store or online today to get the best deal!

Hazelwood Soap Co is sponsoring the first ever giveaway on Coupon Kitchen! One lucky reader will receive their very own Holiday Magic Box.

To enter you must:
1) Leave a comment below telling me who you will give the Holiday Magic Box to…don’t worry, it’s ok to say yourself :)

Receive one extra entry per action below:
2) “Like” Coupon Kitchen on facebook
3) “Like” Hazelwood Soap Co on facebook 

You can enter to win until October 21st.  I will announce the winner next week.  Good luck!