February 01, 2012

Harris Teeter PG Deals & Rebate

Harris Teeter is running a Proctor and Gamble promotion this week. I love it when they do this! It's a great time to stock up on a lot of personal and home care essentials. When you spend $30, you will receive a printed form at checkout to mail in for a $10 pre-paid gift card. Here are a few deal scenarios below. If you see any other deals or have your own scenario, please comment below! Apparently the form is not printing and the company is saying that this time, the amount spent has to be before coupons. You can still get this deal for $10.48 which is pretty good. 

Deal #1
Vick's Nature Fusion - $5.99
  -$3 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$3 off PG 1/29
  = FREE
Downy Unstoppables - $5.99
  -$2 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$2 off PG 1/29
  = $1.99
Febreze Set and Refresh - $2.99
  -$1 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$1 off PG 1/29
  = $.99
Downy Dryer Bar - $3.49
  -$1.50 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$1.50 off PG 1/29
  = $.49
Cascade Action Pacs - $4.49
  -.50/1 eVIC ecoupon
  -.50/1 PG 1/29
  = $2.99
Scope mouthwash - $3.99
  -$1 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$1 off PG 1/29
  = $1.99
Oral-B dental floss - $2.99
  -.75/1 eVIC ecoupon
  -.75 PG 1/29
  = $.74
Dawn Oxi dish washing liquid - $2.79
  -.50/1 eVIC ecoupon
  -.50/1 PG 1/29
  = $1.29

Total (before coupons): $32.63
Total Out of Pocket (after coupons): $10.48
After pre-paid gift card, you get all of this for only $.48!!

Deal #2
Crest Whitestrips - $46.99
  -$10 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$10 off PG 1/29
  = $16.99 after pre-paid gift card!

Deal # 3
Olay Pro-X moisturizer - $34.99
  -$5 off eVIC ecoupon
  -$5 off PG 1/29
  = $14.99 after pre-paid gift card!


Anonymous said...
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Dawn said...

Im sad to say the deal is that you have to spend $30 out of pocket, so after coupons! I was there this morning and my coupon didn't print. Customer service called and the catalina company and they explained that this time it has to be after coupons which realllly stinks. They are still going to send me the slip but wanted you to know :(

Coupon Kitchen said...

Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. At least you can get all of this for $10.48 which is a pretty good deal. Hopefully this isn't a new policy change :( I'm glad you are still getting the slip though.

Anonymous said...

Can you use a catalina $2 off coupon for Pro-X with the evic $5 and the P&G $5? I'm new to all of this - thanks!

Alison Arnold said...

The catalina coupon is most likely a manufacturer coupon (it should specify at the top whether it is "manufacturer" or "store"). You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item so I would go with the $5 off from P&G. I hope that helps!

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