January 06, 2013

Bi-Lo Weekly Menu Jan 6-12

Weekly Menu

SundayFoil Baked Salmon & Asparagus with Roasted Potatoes
MondayGreek Dinner Salad with Hummus & Pita Wedges
TuesdayItalian Chicken Soup
WednesdayPork Chops with Grape Tomatoes & Green Beans
ThursdayHuevos Rancheros
FridayBBQ Chicken Flatbreads with Broccoli Slaw
SaturdayPesto Chicken Italiano

Shopping List...{Weekly Menu Items}
Pantry/Fridge Stock-up in Italics

Sunday1/2 lb asparagus 
1 lb red potatoes
2 salmon fillets, 6 oz each - $6.99/lb
Prepared basil pesto (Classico is my favorite)
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Dried thyme

MondayEarthbound Farm Organic lettuce - $1.99
1 cucumber - $.79
1 red onion 
1 pint grape tomatoes - $1.99
SH chickpeas, 15.5 oz can 
Crumbled Feta cheese - $3.19
Toufayan Pita Bread - $1 
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar

Tuesday1 onion
1 green bell pepper - $1
1 small jalapeno
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast - $2.49/lb  
1 demi baguette
SH 15 oz can diced tomatoes
Multigrain elbow pasta 
Fat-free, low sodium chicken broth
Dried oregano
Olive oil
Shredded Parmesan or mozzarella cheese, optional

Wednesday1/2 lb green beans 
2-4 pork chops - $1.29/lb
Olive oil
Grape tomatoes (split w/Greek Dinner Salad)

Thursday1 avocado - $1
Pace salsa, 24 oz - $1.94
Kraft Reduced Fat Shredded Mexican 4 Cheese - $2.50
Chi-Chi's tortillas - $1.50
SH vegetarian refried beans 
SH eggs - $1.25
Olive oil

Friday1/2 lb broccoli crowns - $.85
1 lemon 
1 boneless skinless chicken breast - $2.49/lb
SH barbecue sauce
Red onion (split w/Greek Dinner Salad)
Pita bread (split w/Greek Dinner Salad)
Shredded mozzarella cheese (last week)
  -need it: Kraft - $2.50
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar

Saturday1 red bell pepper - $1.99
1 boneless skinless chicken breasts - $2.49/lb
Olive oil
Pesto (split w/Salmon)
Lemon juice
Shredded mozzarella (last week)
Angel hair or spaghetti pasta


Erin Branscom said...

Your BBQ chicken flatbreads sound awesome! Thanks for linking up! I love your blog background too! :) Erin

Alison said...

Thank you, Erin!

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